We are fabulous, fun and on purpose. Yet as women we get so busy, and incredibly distracted that we forget to take care of our most important asset – ourselves.

In fact, this is so often neglected that when mentioned many women don’t know what it means or how to begin the process of injecting unlevelled health routines into their life. And still for many others it was never a topic of conversation or part of their ethos so it never got on their radar as an important aspect, so today’s guest will help us set the record straight.

Dr. Niesha Cherry, is located in Atlanta, GA and is a former educator of 14 years, is the owner and operator of Niesha Cherry Yoga, LLC., Cherry Blossom Health Coaching, & Cherry Bottom Swimwear. 

She is a certified health coach with an emphasis on Mind & Body Coaching, certified yoga instructor, certified personal trainer, a certified fitness instructor, and a retreat planner. 

Through coaching, yoga, exercise, and retreats, Dr. Cherry helps women clear their emotional clutter so that they can focus on their physical health and weight loss. 

She is your One. Stop. Shop. for total mind, body, and health transformation and will help you to Blossom Into Your Best Self.

She is here to challenge us to shift focus back to where it’s so desperately needed, ourselves. 

Feeling and looking good are acquainted with a sign of self worth and a powerful sense of confidence tinged with a touch of courage. It takes an act of vulnerability to say you matter enough to look after your health and happiness.

We encourage you to take back control of your life, find balance in what you can control and shape the way you view yourself . 

In this Episode, we dive into empowerment and how it can show up : 

● Overcoming challenges (7:32) 

● Where the act of disempowerment stems from (9:07) 

● Hitting rock bottom and rising (17:50) 

● Finding the positive and reframing the internal scripts (25:48) 

● Shaping our day begins in the morning like this (30:27) 

Episode resources:

  • You Can Heal Your Life – Louise Hayes (Amazon)
  • The 7 Spiritual Laws to Success – Deepak Chopra (Amazon)

Thank you so much for listening. If you found this episode helpful, please pass it forward. You can visit Niesha on her website here and on social media everywhere @NieshaCherry.

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