Many of us rightfully focus on taking care of our health, eating nourishing, whole foods, exercising while squeezing in a weekend getaway with friends or loved ones.  

These are wonderful acts of self-care, and they’re necessary and important.

But there’s one act of self-care that is often neglected, and it might be even more important than all the others: the practice of loving yourself. And to go even deeper, the act of loving yourself enough to connect to your inner world where all the action of creation takes place.  

In fact, this is so often neglected that when I mention “loving yourself,” many people don’t know what it means. Many have never consciously done it. If they have, it’s so rare as to be a forgotten memory.

You have an innate ability to connect to higher realms, energy and power. You connect in moments of quiet, inspiration, flow and creativity.

In this episode I share:

  • Why such qualities such as happiness and joy elude us. (3:35)
  • What it means to fully approach the inner self-care factor. (4:35)
  • Three factors that keep us on the outside of inner self-care. (11:00)
  • The ravages of ‘learned helplessness’ and what to do next. (14:50)

And much more!

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