Interview with decorator, Cindy Dow

It’s unquestionably difficult to make changes that stick, especially if you’re trying to focus on more than one.

In my experience, I’ve consistently found that changing multiple things at once doesn’t work well. Your focus gets spread thin, and in the long run you end up failing to stick to anything. If you’ve tried and failed multiple times, you’ll know what I mean.

Along with change is having the patience to allow the manifestation of what you desire to arrive. It is tough. We are programmed to want change right now, which makes waiting hard. We want our desire to be instantly gratified because marketing has taught us that instant everything is the way to go. It isn’t. Waiting and doing things slowly brings the joy of wisdom, and the gratification that comes from a job well done, I promise.

I had the privilege to witness a friend and successful, in-demand interior designer, Cindy L. Dow, fully commit to one of her major chief aims, body transformation. She’s attempted this journey many times with very little success or stickability.

On her recent attempt, with the help of understanding intermittent fasting with ‘Delay, Don’t Deny’by Gin Stephens and a renewed sense of destiny, her weekly results successfully mounted to a staggering weight loss of 90+ lbs!

Her quest to continue was not always easy but publicly sharing her milestones both positive and otherwise kept her accountable and more importantly, her self-concept and identify changed along the way. 

Although she’s not where she wants to be, she’s come an incredibly long way and has inspired hundreds, perhaps thousands along the way. Thank you Cindy for inspiring me to renew my own commitment to transformation and leading the way to powerful self-care!

Q. What helped you commit to the work of transformation?

A. After many years of living the rich life of entertaining friends and family, dining out with my husband and avoiding exercise I had gained a considerable amount of weight. I was happy, relatively healthy and approaching my 54th birthday! When I went to see my Doctor mid January 2020 before my birthday I did so with a list of complaints in hand, (sore knees, heartburn, plantar fasciitis, sore shoulders, poor sleep, foggy head). While waiting to go in for my appointment I looked at my list and thought “Cindy, you need to lose some weight and some of these issues will go away!”

When I shared my list with him, he listened, looked at his notes in my file and shared that I had been in his office ten years to the day with the same list, the same promise to change and yet my weight had stayed the same. I was shocked when I stepped on his scale! When I got back to my truck, I cried and said ENOUGH!

Q. Did you have a plan?

A. Honestly, I’ve done this so many times; start a plan (eat less – move more), experienced weight loss, relaxed and gained it all back and more. This time I knew I needed to find a plan that would take me where I wanted to go, one that I could work into my life and reach my goals effectively in hopes I would keep going and finally reach my long-desired destination. Somewhere I stumbled onto Intermittent Fasting and ordered a book, read it, hit the ground running and thankfully saw the pounds and inches drop. 

“I got to my truck, cried and said ENOUGH!”

~ Cindy Dow

Q. Did you plan for obstacles and temptations you’d encounter along the way?

A. When I started this journey, a pandemic no one expected derailed my plan a bit because my day-to-day routine changed! My husband, who is my biggest supporter and has no weight challenges, was now working at home and eating three times a day. My parents returned from Florida in the spring of 2020 and lived in their motor home in our driveway and when the cold temperatures arrived, moved in with us.

Dessert and snack temptations were in front of me. Some days were harder than others. I shared my plan, my goals and my focus with them and although I think I could have lost weight faster without them here, I’m fine with the daily choices I have made over the past 15 months. 

Q. Did you have support from others?

A. Along with my husband, Gregg and my parents, I have wonderful friends that cheer me on. Sharing my journey on my Facebook page held me accountable. It warms my heart to know I have inspired others and on the odd days when I feel tired or lack focus and want to take a break I would receive a message from friends saying “thank you” because my journey has helped with their own challenges of change. I love having those little angels reach out to me, when I need to hear from them.  It keeps me going. 

Q. Did you struggle with your mindset along the way? 

A. Some days I wish I could eat what I want and be one of those people that don’t have a weight problem. It saddens me at times. I love food! It has been a huge part of my life and helped soothe and celebrate the good and bad moments of my life.  Food along with gathering with friends and family is my joy. But I know that living a healthier, longer life with my husband, family and friends will bring me true joy and so I stay focused. We find other ways to celebrate together.

I failed so many times in the past, I didn’t think I could do it.

Cindy Dow

Q. Did you have doubts that you could accomplish as much as you did?

A. Because I failed so many times in the last thirty plus years I was not sure I could do it again. I still have a long way to go with more weight to lose. Living a long healthy life has became a priority and this one thought acts as my daily guiding light and principle toward my weight-loss success. 

Q. What did you learn along the way?

A. I learned to honour my authentic self which meant understanding what works for me. I understood that I didn’t need to eat three full meals everyday.  I learned that exercise brings me joy. I learned that I am stronger than I thought I was and most importantly, I learned that I matter and I need to take care of myself and gift myself time for proper self-care as well as time with my family, friends and clients.

Q. Do you see or experience yourself differently now?

A. Not really, I am the same Cindy, just a different dress size!

Q. What new, empowering habits did you pickup along the way?

A. Discipline. The strength of habit not to eat just because someone else was eating. I am proud of myself when I don’t give in to temptation. I’ve made myself a priority and it shows.

Q. Are you happy you made the decision to make such a change?

A. Absolutely, I have hopes to live a longer healthier happy life now. 

Q Has this affected those that know you? If so, how?

A. Yes, in a good way. I think people see my desire to change and are genuinely happy for me. I also think some people are unsure of the new me and it makes them uncomfortable, I leave that for them to sort out.

Q. What advice would you give others considering to make such a life-altering change?

A. Find a plan that works for you, reach out to your people for support when you need it, know that you matter and stay focused. 

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